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Bryson C. Hall was a standout member of Whirlwinds Track Club. He was an amazing young man who gave 110% both at practice and at meets. Bryson was a key team member and leader on both the  Whirlwinds Track Club and Garnet Valley High School track teams. Bryson was kind, funny, charismatic and always went above and beyond to encourage and motivate those around him both on and off the track. 


In the fall of 2022, Bryson passed away suddenly at the young age of 17. His memory is cherished always and his light still shines as bright as his smile. 

In honor of Bryson, Whirlwinds Track Club will donate a portion of the proceeds from our annual "Summer Show Down" meet (scheduled for June 24, 2023) to a scholarship which will help to assist families in need with expenses needed for participation in the club including membership fees, track gear and meet fees for an entire year.

In a effort to make this scholarship something we can offer to many kids, Whirlwinds Track Club is asking for your help to also help fund this scholarship. Please help us to continue to support the youth of our community by donating to this fund. You can make your donation by clicking the "Donate Here" button below. 


thanks for your support!

Whirlwinds Track Club is a nonprofit organization and your contributions are tax deductible.

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