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Bryson Hall was an amazing young man who had a very giving spirit and would give you the shirt off his back.  One of the things that Bryson was known for was his ability to impact those around him. No matter whether it was one his fellow teammates at Garnet Valley High School or  a young kid on Whirlwinds Track Club. In honor of Bryson's memory and with the blessing, support and encouragement of the Hall Family, we have started a charity called Bryson’s Spikes. This initiative not only embodies the extraordinary young man Bryson was but it also allows Whirlwinds Track Club to further it’s community outreach.


Through this charity, kids who are no longer using their spikes can donate them. In turn, kids in need will be able to get a pair of donated spikes from the charity to help them get involved and enjoy the sport of track.


If you have a pair of spikes that you or your athlete aren’t using anymore or don’t plan on running after they graduate please consider donating them to this charity. If you would like to donate monetarily for the purchase of new spikes, you can use the "donate here" button below.

To coordinate drop off of your donation (or pickup if possible) please email or call 484-483-9707. As we receive donations, the spike inventory will be updated on our website. 


Thanks for your support!

Whirlwinds Track Club is a nonprofit organization and your contributions are tax deductible.

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