My child is new to track, is that ok?

  • YES! We accept athletes of all skill levels…beginner/novice, intermediate and experienced. They must start somewhere, and we have the perfect group of coaches to help them get started.


How will I know what event(s) my child should participate in and practice for?

  • Our staff of highly experienced coaches will evaluate your athlete and decide on which event(s) are best for their skillset. There are over 15 events in track and field, there is something for everybody!


What is the registration fee and what does it cover?

  • The registration fee is $125 per athlete for winter track and summer track. $85 per athlete for fall (cross country). The fee covers their team membership, insurance, AAU membership for the competition year. Your registration fee also covers operating expenses such as rental of practice venues, team events throughout the seasons.  Your athlete will also receive a team welcome gift (team swag) for each season they are signed up for.


Is the uniform included? Can we order other team items?

  • The team uniform is an additional cost. We have a lot of other team swag items that you can purchase through the team store on the website.


What should my athlete wear to practice?

  • Proper attire consists of running shoes, comfortable clothes to run in (shorts, sweats, t-shirt, etc.). Athletes should also bring their own water bottle to stay properly hydrated.


When do the track seasons start and how long do the seasons last?

  • Cross Country – late September to mid-November

  • Indoor Track – late November to early March

  • Outdoor Track – mid-April to early August


How will I be informed of practice cancellations and other team information?

  • Once you are registered you will receive a link for the Whirlwinds Team Snap app. This is how most of the team communication is done.


When, where and what time are practices held?

  • Our team practice is held at various location depending on availability of the area/track. Cross Country practice is typically held on the grounds of Glen Mills School (Glen Mills PA) and Rose Tree Park (Media PA). Winter track practice is held inside the field house of Glen Mills School. Spring/Summer practice is held at Garnet Valley High School (Glen Mills PA) Garnet Valley Middle School (Glen Mills PA), and Glen Mills School. Days and times of practice are determined prior to the season start and posted on the website. The schedule is based on availability of the space so times and locations may vary. Practices are typically 1.5 hours long. 

Are your coaches experienced?

  • All our coaches have high school and college track experience. We also have a former 2-time Olympian on our coaching team. Most of our coaches are current coaches of various high school teams. Other coaches are former Whirlwind’s athletes who are now members of some of the top collegiate track programs in the country.


Where are meets held?

  • Meets are held locally, regionally, and nationally. Our team hosts meets throughout the year and we also attend meets that are hosted by other teams/organizations. The meet schedule is posted on the website prior to the start of each season. We also have many athletes who compete at AAU Indoor Nationals and the AAU Junior Olympics.

If my athlete cannot attend practice or a meet, is there a penalty? 

  • Your athlete will have to make sure to make at least 50% of the practice during the week of the meet in order to participate in that weeks meet. 


What are the costs for track meets?

  • The entry fees for meets varies. We send this information to everyone prior to the meet.

Does my athlete have to compete in meets?

  • Whirlwinds Track Club is a competitive track and field club. The expectation is that if you register your athlete for this cub, they will participate in meets. 


What are your current Covid-19 safety protocols?

  • All safety protocols are based on the current national, regional and local recommendations/guidelines as well as those required by the practice or meet venue.